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      Kai Tuo machinery in the "integrity-based, market Founding," the purpose of talent, information, quality, efficiency as the fundamental, to provide our clients with first-class technology and services, we will continue to improve the product chain, continue to efficient norms Management, excellent quality, perfect service and reasonable prices and sincere attitude to work together with you, and strive to build a professional brand, a total of our environmental protection contribute to the development of the cause!

      The core concept of corporate culture

      Professional car brakes to help vacuum pump suppliers

      • Our Mission

        For the interests of customers and innovation

      • Corporate Vision

        Efforts to become a superior manufacturer of mechanical vacuum pumps

      • Entrepreneurial spirit

        And, hard, honest, fight (stroke)

      • Core concept

        Do high-quality artificial fine pump

      Add:Xiangjiang Town, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province
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